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Congratulations to our client Hugh on becoming a Spray Foam Genie franchise owner!

Investing in a Spray Foam Genie franchise: The Perfect Fit for Busy Professionals

We’re excited to announce the newest franchise owner of Spray Foam Genie, Hugh, who recently joined us as an investor model franchise owner. Hugh, like many other busy professionals, was looking for an investment opportunity that required minimal time commitment while still allowing him to earn profits as a business owner. Spray Foam Genie franchise proved to be a perfect fit.

Investing in a Spray Foam Genie franchise is like owning a corporate-run unit, except that the franchisee has complete ownership of the business. Corporate management takes responsibility for finding an appropriate location for the franchise, which the franchisee then approves and signs the lease for. In addition, corporate management also recruits staff, who are considered the employees of the franchisee. What makes investing in a Spray Foam Genie franchise the ideal match for people looking for an investment opportunity is that corporate management handles important aspects such as training the franchisee’s staff, managing KPIs, marketing, billing, payroll, expenses, and more.

Franchisees take all the profits of the business as the owner, which makes it the perfect opportunity for employed franchisees with limited time to devote to their business.

The cost of owning a Spray Foam Genie franchise starts at $62,500 for the franchise fee, just 5% of the gross revenues for them to manage the business for the investor, plus the standard royalty percentage of 6%. We'd also recommend the franchise have at least $212,500 available for working capital after paying franchise fees.

Contractually, the management agreement term is five years, which can be renewed for another 5-year term, making it a ten-year renewal of the franchise agreement.

Spray Foam Genie offers franchisees the option to purchase a geographical territory that they can afford anywhere in the country. They don’t need to live in the territory they purchase, which makes it an even more comfortable investment option. In terms of time commitment, franchisees are only required to commit two hours each month, making it the ideal opportunity for those who are already in demanding, full-time employment.

Investing in a Spray Foam Genie franchise is an excellent option for busy professionals who don’t have the time to commit to owning a full-time or semi-absentee franchise. With minimal time required, and corporate management handling all the crucial aspects of the business, including training, marketing, KPI management, and more, franchisees can earn a healthy profit as a business owner who truly works on the business instead of in it.

With affordable geographical territories available all over the country, investing in a Spray Foam Genie franchise could be the perfect investment option that leads to financial freedom while still maintaining your current job.

In conclusion, congratulations to our client Hugh on becoming a Spray Foam Genie franchise owner. Investing in a franchise is an excellent way to generate passive income without the stress of managing a start-up. Becoming an investor model Spray Foam Genie franchise owner is a perfect choice for busy professionals looking for an investment opportunity. They can focus on their busy lives, and corporate management will take care of everything else.


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