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The Franchise Insiders CEO, Jack Johnson, to Speak at Titus Center Advisory Board Meeting on Responsible Franchising.

Press Release

The Franchise Insiders CEO, Jack Johnson, to Speak at Titus Center Advisory Board Meeting

For Immediate Release

Palm Beach, FL – The Franchise Insiders is thrilled to announce that its CEO, Jack Johnson, will be a featured panelist at the upcoming spring Advisory Board meeting hosted by the Titus Center for Franchising at Palm Beach Atlantic University. The event, scheduled for tomorrow, promises an in-depth discussion on the theme of 'Responsible Franchising', under the guidance of Dr. John P. Hayes, CFE.

The session aims to delve into the principles of Responsible Franchising, a subject of paramount importance in today’s franchising community. Jack Johnson is honored to share insights alongside distinguished industry leaders such as Alesia Visconti, CFE, CAFC, CFC, Steve White, Peter Holt, and Michael Layman from the International Franchise Association.

Aaron Harper, the initiator of the #responsiblefranchising movement and CEO of Rolling Suds, will lead this crucial meeting. The panel will outline the essential components of Responsible Franchising and discuss its integration into the educational and professional development programs at the Titus Center.

The Franchise Insiders is excited for Jack Johnson to contribute to this important conversation, which is set to shape the future of franchising education and practice. The event underscores our commitment to the development of ethical and sustainable franchising practices across the industry.

The discussion will be available for later viewing on the Titus Center's website at, allowing a wider audience to benefit from the valuable insights shared.

About The Franchise Insiders

The Franchise Insiders is a leading consultancy in the franchising industry, providing expert advice and support to franchise buyers. Under the leadership of CEO Jack Johnson, the company has become synonymous with ethical franchising practices and industry innovation.

Contact them @ or 800-445-6382.

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