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March 16, 2022

Hey Franchise Friends!

Want to know how the franchise market is moving?

Empower your franchise search with The Franchise Insiders Newsletter and Podcast.

THIS WEEK: Learn about Nothing Bundt Cakes, Window Hero, iFOAM, Paramount Tax and Accounting, DumpStor.

If you are interested in exploring any of these brands yourself, please click on their respective links below to get more details or even speak to us personally about where these franchises belong in your portfolio.

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Jack and Jill Johnson

The Franchise Insiders


WHY Nothing Bundt Cakes?

  • Great tasting product

  • Strong brand recognition

  • Strong Item 19: $1.2m gross average $200k net average

  • Nothing Bundt Cakes is a successful, niche bakery concept with more than 410 bakeries across the U.S.

  • Their specialty is providing an incomparable gift food product; which, when given or received, leaves a lasting impression both on presentation and taste

Nothing Bundt Cakes is a unique franchise concept. Franchise stores have a “Mom and Pop shop” feel to them.

Great work environment and family friendly work schedules.

Looking for owner/operators or investors

Franchise Fee:$35,000

Royalties: 5%

Total Investment: $440,800 to $636,500

Home Based: No

Absentee ownership available: Yes

Click Here for more information


WHY Window Hero?

  • Low Cost of Entry + 90 Days to Launch

  • High Annual Sales Volume

  • Multiple, Related Service Lines

  • Recurring Demand & Proven Customer Retention

  • Company-Owned Customer Service Center

For over 15 years, Window Hero has specialized in delivering professional exterior window cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning, and gutter guard installation services with exceptional customer service.

They have fine-tuned a solution-based cleaning process that gently and safely transforms outdoor areas using the correct pressure and the proper equipment to ensure customers’ homes are meticulously cleaned with no risk of damage to their property.

Customers are high-end residential or commercial property owners who take pride in maintaining their spaces and they trust us to help keep their property looking its best!

Franchise Fee:$49,900

Royalties: 7%

Total Investment: $93,025

Home Based: Yes

Absentee ownership available: No

We get you a $2,000 CASH BACK rebate on this franchise.

Click here for more information



  • Fragmented Industry - with growing demand

  • Avg Revenue 2020: $2,289,263

  • Average 2020 EBITDA: 33.25%

  • Spray foam insulation is utilized in both New and Old (retro fit) buildings & homes

Demand for Spray Foam is greater than the supply of installers in the marketplace. Insulation is a $50+ billion dollar industry.

Spray foam is not DIY, and chuck in the truck lacks the professionalism, and marketing to service the market. Tools and Equipment for installation of spray foam has undergone massive innovation in the past 2 years.

All iFOAM franchisees will launch with the top of the line, premium equipment capable of servicing both the typical house build, and large commercial projects.

Create a “Green” Home- Reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption. Spray foam has superior air, vapor, and thermal properties to reduce energy consumption in the home. Spray foam can improve air quality, increase efficiency, and reduce utility consumption on average 40% of your homes conditioned air (heat/cool), is lost through the attic. Removing old insulation and Installing spray foam can reduce household energy consumption by 25-50%.

Spray Foam has a fast ROI for the consumer and increases the value and comfort of a home.

Competitive advantage- Leverage Unique customer experience and consumer financing to increase customer conversion. Front Loaded 12 month SEO Budget and digital marketing strategy.

National Permit Database: -Access to all building permits to target highest opportunity customers for new construction.

Franchise Fee:$59,500

Royalties: 8.5%

Total Investment: $235,050

Home Based: No

Absentee ownership available: Yes

We get you a $5,000 CASH BACK rebate on this franchise.

Click here for more information


WHY Paramount Tax and Accounting?

  • Low cost of entry

  • Recession proof business - Taxes never go away

  • Incredible ROI

Paramount Tax and Accounting is the leader in tax professional owned tax firms.

Franchise locations specialize in covering a gap in the tax market. We focus on the middle class income payer that have a need to use a tax professional (CPA or Enrolled Agent) to handle their taxes.

They also focus on small to medium sized businesses. They service these businesses by providing accounting and bookkeeping services with year round revenue for these services.

Franchisees grow clients at 10 times the industry average!

Their revenues and net profit are out of this world. We have a professional sales staff that will work with your prospects to walk them through the discovery process and answer their questions. We have wonderful validation with our franchisees, owners and employees. Put your clients in a business that truly cares for their success and advancement.


  • Financial industry person

  • Tax preparer looking to own their own business

  • Multi unit owner looking to to grow a business that is easily repeatable with low monthly cost

Franchise Fee:$30,000

Royalties: 10%

Total Investment: $52,000 - $95,000

Home Based: NO

Absentee ownership available: YES

We get you a $2,000 CASH BACK rebate on this franchise.

Click here for more information


WHY DumpStor?

  • The only company in the industry that combines storage and waste in one product with a patent-pending design while still offering the traditional open-top dumpsters. Product allows customers to lock jobsite tools in a secure area while having the convenience of a dumpster attached. They bring two industries into one and have created a new market space that provides convenience for customers unlike any they’ve ever had before.

  • Immediate equipment financing available providing Owners with a quicker ramp-up. Owners can avoid complications of financing with a bank and choose their simplified option!

  • Franchisees can take advantage of an immediate expense deduction through the IRS tax code, Section 179, which allows taxpayers to deduct the cost of certain property as an expense when the property is placed in service. Fantastic business opportunity to build equity.

  • The DumpStor Pro helps customers combat the $1 billion+ per year job site theft problem by providing lockable storage space with the convenience of an open-top dumpster.

DumpStor is the only dumpster rental company in the industry that combines storage and waste in one product with our patent pending design while still offering the traditional open top dumpsters. These innovative solutions cater to every need for B2B, B2C, & B2B2C customers and creates a cost savings per job. For potential Owners, DumpStor’s remote business model offers low operating costs while only needing 1-3 employees, industry-leading technology, operational flexibility, and unlimited market potential, allowing for a quick return on investment.

Franchise Fee:$59,950

Royalties: $19.50 per dumpster weekly

Total Investment: $128,310 - $448,285

Home Based: Yes

Absentee ownership available: Yes

We get you a $2,000 CASH BACK rebate on this franchise.

Click here for more information


If you are interested in exploring any of these brands yourself, please click on their respective links to see if your territory is still available and learn how much you can save... only with The Franchise Insiders!


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