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The Rise Of Home Services Franchises: Low Investment, High Return Businesses

Updated: Mar 30

Home services franchises are becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. From your floors to your roof, and literally everything in between, these services make your most valuable asset better. But what about the business side of it? Can you build a valuable business asset as the owner of a home services franchise? Absolutely! In fact, owning a home service franchise could eventually gross you up to $1M per year (or more) while requiring an initial investment as low at $80k. Let's explore how these franchises work and why they've become so successful.

High Return On Investment (ROI): One of the biggest benefits of owning a home services franchise is that there is typically very little investment required up front. Franchises like plumbing, HVAC maintenance, and pest control can be started for as little as $80K. When compared to the average cost of starting a retail franchise, which is usually around $300K-$2M, this is an incredibly low amount. Plus, with small upfront costs comes a higher return on investment. That’s why so many people are turning to these types of franchises to start their own business - they can get started quickly and see returns much faster than other types of businesses.

"Indeed, many home service franchises can out earn retail franchises by a wide margin but cost much less!"

Recession-Proof Businesses: Another benefit of owning a home services franchise is that these businesses are typically recession-proof. There will always be a need for lawn maintenance, flooring, plumbing, roofing, and repairs, regardless of economic conditions or global market fluctuations. This means that even during tough times, you can still make money and gain financial security through your business. This type of stability is something that not many other businesses can offer their owners.

Netting $1M Per Year: Finally, one of the greatest advantages to owning a home services franchise is that it has the potential to gross you over $1M per year over time as the business grows. While these numbers may sound too good to be true, they actually aren't - many home services franchise owners have reported grossing well over $1M each year from their businesses alone! This kind of success demonstrates just how lucrative these types of franchises can be if managed correctly.

Building a Family Asset: Not only are home services franchises a wise financial investment, they also are a great investment for your family. From husband and wife teams to mother daughters partnerships. The right home services franchise can provide your family with a reliable structure and education on building a business the right way.

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Why Are Home Services Franchises So Popular?

Home service franchises are incredibly attractive for several reasons. First off, they require minimal overhead costs. This means that the money you put into the franchise is mostly going toward equipment, staffing and training costs—not rent or extra office space. Additionally, since most of these businesses are focused on providing necessary services, there is always a steady stream of customers who need their help. Finally, many of these businesses provide essential services that people can’t perform on their own; this makes them more likely to hire a professional than try to DIY it themselves.

How Much Can I Make As The Owner Of A Home Service Franchise?

That depends on several different factors including the size and scope of your business as well as where you’re located geographically. However, some home service franchises report grossing $1M or more per per unit —all while requiring an initial investment as low at $80k! That’s an incredible return on investment by any standards! In fact we found a drainage franchise with multiple locations that was grossing over $11M per year while a bathroom glass franchise was grossing over $3M per year. A flooring franchise location at one brand averages a gross of over $700k per year.


Home services franchises are an incredibly attractive option for those looking for low-investment/high-return business opportunities. With minimal overhead costs and a steady stream of customers who need your help, owning one of these businesses is sure to bring financial security for yourself and your family—not to mention great job satisfaction when you know that you're helping people take care of their homes! If you think owning a home service franchise might be right for you, now's the time to start researching available options in your area! Get started today!

Home Services Franchises are growing in popularity.

Are you interested in a home services franchise?

Home services franchise opportunities provide needed services to residential and commercial customers. Indeed. home services franchises are reshaping the home improvement industry.

Looking for a recognized industry leader franchise from the top home service franchises where you can serve commercial customers or residential customers with needed home services.

Looking for a franchise that has multiple revenue streams? Look no further than a home services industry franchise business.

Home services franchises can help people with storage solutions and help entrepreneurs own business that provides home improvement franchises. These are great franchise opportunities!

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Home Services Franchises include:

  • inspection services

  • handyman service

  • repair services

  • cleaning services

  • home improvement

  • junk removal

  • storm guard roofing

  • energy efficiency

  • disaster restoration

  • franchise partners

  • flood water removal

  • home repairs

  • elderly maintenance

  • home inspection

  • electrical installation

  • home repair

  • mold removal

  • concrete craft

  • property damage

  • biohazard cleanup

  • kitchen solvers

  • housing studies

Indeed, helping residential customers who have the cash required is what makes home services a billion dollar industry.

You can start providing a valuable service soon after signing your franchise agreement while enjoying world class support as the owner of home services franchises, cleaning franchises and a home based business.

This low cost franchise opportunity typically features low royalty fees and recurring revenue providing services, and proprietary products to baby boomers customers in your local area.

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Investing in a home services franchise is very smart. There is high demand for this type of service in your market where people will readily invest cash for your specific area of expertise. Get started today!

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