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The Inside Scoop Podcast Report

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

April 16, 2023

Welcome to your

Inside Scoop Podcast Report

April 16, 2023.

This week, we feature the following franchises:

Capital Tacos, Rolling Suds Power Washing, College Hunks, Best Choice Roofing franchises

The franchise market continues to be on fire!

Jack and Jill Johnson

The Franchise Insiders Team

Jack and Jill Johnson

The Franchise Insiders

Two Decades Of Franchise Experience!

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Save $10k on this franchise!

Since day one, Capital Tacos quest has been to provide the most flavorful and delicious, scratch-made Tex-Mex cuisine, served quickly and affordably. Our menu is chef-created, made from scratch, from homemade recipes, grilled, and then hand-crafted to order; who knew that isn’t what everyone else does?

We pride ourselves on not only our exceptional food but also an exceptional guest experience. By keeping a local, quirky, and authentic feel to each location, we have earned ourselves a cult-like following and a brand that guests enjoy and want to be a part of.

Seven years ago, our current Owners saw firsthand how special and unique our model was and knew we would thrive across the country. They have now spent nearly a decade preparing and perfecting the model, which is now nationally awarded! For the first time, Capital Tacos is offering franchises across the U.S. with simplified operations, flexible business models, and a dialed-in menu. We believe we will quickly take over as the country's leading fast-casual, Tex-Mex restaurant!

WHY Capital Tacos?

  • Low Barrier of Entry In A Booming Industry: By focusing on what the guest cares about and leaving out the costly additions, Capital Tacos has a considerably low initial investment in the Tex-Mex restaurant space. Our investment starts at only $210K for a brick-and-mortar location, $221K for a static trailer, and $129K for an event trailer

  • Noteworthy Economics: Our 2022 FDD shows $1.2M in Average Revenues with a Gross Profit of $940K across our corporate brick-and-mortar locations.

  • Multiple Business Models: At Capital Tacos, we offer Franchise Owners three different business models to operate.

Franchise Fee:$49,000

Royalties: 6%

Cash Investment: $100,000

Total Investment: $210,000 - $427,500

Home Based: No

Absentee ownership available: No


Save $2k on this franchise!

Rolling Suds is the premier franchise in power washing, bringing unparalleled standards to an unregulated industry. The company, founded more than 30 years ago, has helped more than 100,000 residential and commercial customers throughout the northeast while building a great reputation by hiring the best people, using the best equipment, and providing the best experience in the industry. Anchored by years of unmatched results, Rolling Suds aims to make power washing one less thing to worry about for customers across the U.S. by expanding into new markets. Currently, there is no national leader in Power Washing. In fact, it doesn't exist. There are franchises that offer power washing, but they offer a ton of other services as well. Rolling Suds focuses on the niche of power washing and doing it better than anyone else. In fact, they actually figured out a method of cleaning that they call the Professional Wash Method. This allows them to move twice as fast with more efficacy.

  • Niche business, no national leader in the space

  • Executive model, we don't want the owner who wants to power wash.

  • We want the owner who wants to build a big business

  • One (1!) truck is averaging over $373k per year with a 30-40% profit margin.

  • The item 19 is insane!

  • $2,204,679 Average Annual Revenue

  • $818,541.52 Average Net Profit

Franchise Fee:$39,900

Royalties: 8%

Cash Investment: $150,000

Total Investment: $136,815 - $197,740

NetWorth: $250,000

Home Based: Yes

Absentee ownership available: No


Save $10k on this franchise!

Two recession resistant businesses:

  • Throw away or donate the stuff they don't want (Junk Removal), and

  • Move the stuff they do want (Moving).

Our Franchise owners also sell “Labor” as a 3rd revenue source. An example of “labor” would be someone getting new flooring. We move items from one end of the house to another as the floor is being done. Another revenue source is move supplies. We had a location sell over $30,000 in move supplies in a single month.

College Hunks Hauling Junk is the fastest-growing junk-hauling franchise and moving franchise in America. The company was started in 2005 by Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman, and it began franchising in 2008. Omar and Nick have been named two of the top young entrepreneurs in America by “Inc.” magazine. They literally wrote the best-selling book on entrepreneurship, co-authoring “Effortless Entrepreneur” to share the lessons, planning and strategies that have made College Hunks Hauling Junk an overwhelming success. College Hunks Hauling Junk has been named one the fastest growing companies in America by “Inc.” and has made “Entrepreneur” magazine’s list of top franchise opportunities for five years in a row and counting.

College Hunks Hauling Junk also has impressive brand recognition. The franchise has been featured on the 2022 Season Premier of Undercover Boss as well as The Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC’s Shark Tank, HGTV’s House Hunters, AMC’s The Pitch, Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker, TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive and Fox Business, as well as in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Time magazine, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc. and more. College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving has been in demand — from franchisees, customers and the media — because our business is fun and rewarding, and our systems create a great experience for our customers and our franchise partners. Chief among those systems is our national call center, which books and schedules jobs for our franchisees seven days a week — a service that saves franchisees money and time. The call center also makes the business easier to manage. That’s important, because there is tremendous demand.

Why the Junk removal and Moving industries?

  • Low-cost

  • Ridiculous Growth Potential

  • Annual Gross Sales: $1,311,775

  • Highest Annual Gross Sales: $7,363,557

  • Automation-Resistant

  • Amazon-Resistant

  • Recession-Resistant

Franchise Fee:$65,000

Royalties: 7% of gross sales, 2% National brand building fund

Cash Investment: $75,000

Total Investment: $250,000 - $275,000

NetWorth: $200,000

Home Based: No

Absentee ownership available: No


Save $10k on this franchise!

Best Choice Roofing (BCR) was founded in 2009 by Wayne Holloway, and has grown to successfully complete over 70,000 roofing projects in the United States. Built on the foundation that Holloway has developed, BCR has become one of the largest roofing contractors in the United States with more than 40 locations in 15 states. As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor since 2011, BCR is recognized as a top 1% Performer and has been awarded the National Volume Award seven times. Best Choice Roofing prides itself in a customer-first approach, the success of its people, and providing homeowners with high-quality products and services to protect their home.

BCR’s main focus is to assist communities that have sustained weather-related damages, even if the customer is not aware of it. Best Choice Roofing provides homeowners with something they truly need by doing a thorough inspection, consulting with the homeowner, and helping them make the best decision to protect their home. That process may include explaining the damage to their insurance company, resulting in the insurance company repairing or replacing their home back to pre-storm condition for just the cost of their deductible.

Best Choice Roofing is a local, community-oriented roofing company. We sign long-term leases, hire local employees and roofing crews, and remain committed to the customer by providing support and service even after the job is done. Rest assured, BCR will be there even after the storm is gone.


  • Reputable Top Performer in an Industry Full of Storm Chasers

  • Highest producing roofing franchise in the US, Community-focused local teams

  • Need-Based $52B Industry That Never Slows – Drive Revenue through Insurance

  • Scalable business model focused on sales at minimal cost to the customer, low overhead, subcontracted roofing crews

  • Proven Sales Program Supported by Franchisor Service Solutions

  • BCR 101 Sales Training program, Clear path to reach revenue goals, national call center

  • Differentiation through Partnerships, Proprietary Product, Technology Systems

  • Priority access to supply, exclusive product offering, sophisticated tech suite options for sales, marketing, and customer experience

  • Financial Performance Transparency – Complete P&L with No Misleading Figures - $3.8M average gross revenue, High Average Ticket of $12,000+, Healthy Margins

  • Franchise FastLane Driving Development

  • The nation’s top franchise sales organization, driving growth for select industry-leading Franchisors

WHY Best Choice Roofing?

  • Proven Success - 40+ locations in 15 states, $115M in 2021 revenue, completed over 70,000 roofing projects

  • Recession/Virus Proof - mother nature never takes a break, storms will always happen and insurance companies will also have money to fulfil claims

  • Easy Startup, Easy Sell - 'business in a box' franchise, drive revenue through insurance, low cost to the customer

  • $3.8M average gross revenue

  • Average Ticket of $12,000+

  • Proven Sales Program

  • Booming Industry

  • Killer Item 19

  • Recession Proof

  • Low Investment

Franchise Fee:$49,000

Royalties: 6%

Cash Investment: $35,000

Total Investment: $71,750 - $110,500

NetWorth: $75,000

Home Based: No

Absentee ownership available: Yes


Is Crumbl still available to buy as a franchise? Click Here!

If you are interested in exploring any of these brands yourself, please click on their respective links to see if your territory is still available and learn how much you can save... only with The Franchise Insiders!


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