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The Inside Scoop Podcast Report

July 6, 2023

Welcome to your

Inside Scoop Podcast Report

June 6, 2023.

This week, we feature the following franchises:

Gameday Men's Health, DonutNV, Fastest Labs, Club SciKidz

The franchise market continues to be on fire!

Jack and Jill Johnson

The Franchise Insiders Team

Jack and Jill Johnson

The Franchise Insiders

Two Decades Of Franchise Experience!


Save $10k on this franchise!

What is Gameday Men’s Health?

Gameday Men’s Health is a pioneering men’s health clinic poised to take over the U.S. and international markets. Gameday is a recurring revenue, brick and mortar franchise offering with high profit margins and low overhead expenses.

Gameday was created for one simple purpose: to help men suffering from low testosterone (Low T) and erectile dysfunction (ED) reclaim their life. Set in a man cave environment – plush with flat screen TVs, leather chairs, refreshments, and complimentary snacks, Gameday Men’s Health helps men get back to the top of their game. When men need to feel their best in life, be their best at home, and perform their best at work – it’s Gameday.

1 in 4 men will suffer from Low T by age 40. And over 50% of all men will struggle with some form of ED in their life. Low T and ED are linked to a variety of health conditions, ranging from fatigue and low libido to cardiovascular disease and even early mortality.

The Gameday Experience

Imagine walking into an office, being greeted by a friendly face, and brought to an overstuffed chair to relax. You look to your right and see ESPN on the flat-screen TV. To your left, you see an array of complimentary refreshments and snacks. The atmosphere is comfortable and peaceful – you are completely at ease.

Sound like an amazing man-cave away from home? It’s what you can expect at any Gameday Men’s Health office.

At Gameday Men’s Health, we make comfort and convenience the cornerstone of your experience.

By focusing all of our energy on delivering premium testosterone replacement, erectile dysfunction treatment, weight management, and vitamin therapy, we ensure your experience is comfortable, fast, and most importantly, delivers results. To be your best, you have to feel your best. And that’s what we do – help you feel your absolute best.

WHY Gameday Men's Health?

  • High-ticket Recurring Revenue membership model ensures high retention and a predictable, easy to operate business.

  • Quick to open in an average of 4-6 months from signing a Franchise Agreement!

  • Small brick and mortar footprint (1,000 – 2,000 sq ft) in turnkey medical suites ensures a fast opening and minimal tenant improvement / no buildout stress


  • No medical experience, licensure, or medical qualifications required

  • Entrepreneurs with a passion for health and fitness, and/or for helping others feel their best

  • Driven to meet and exceed goals and KPIs

Item 19 Earnings Claims

14-page Item 19 includes:

-Monthly rent and square footage per location

-Full P&Ls for 3 affiliate locations

-Lead to membership conversion

-Average ticket per service type

-Percentage of revenue per service type

Top Affiliate Location

-$2.5M Gross Revenue

-$962k Adjusted Earnings

Affiliate Location Averages

- $1.8M Gross Revenue

- $627k Adjusted Earnings

65% Average Lead to Member Conversion across Affiliate Locations

Franchise Fee:$49,500

Royalties: 6%

Cash Investment: $200,000

Total Investment: $224,325 - $389,292

NetWorth: $450,000

SBA approved: Yes

Home Based: No

Absentee ownership available: No


Save $10k on this franchise!

DonutNV is a unique, interactive made-to-order mobile donut experience. We make hot and fresh mini donuts onsite at special events as guests watch, paired with fresh squeezed lemonade in an endless number of flavors. Our donuts are light and fluffy, with a sweet vanilla taste, and are finished with one of our delicious sugar toppings that you choose.

We are an all-season concept that can be operated seasonally or year-round. The DonutNV franchise opportunity is offered exclusively as a mobile food trailer, giving franchisees the flexibility to operate where customers are.

When you invest in a DonutNV franchise, you will receive initial training and ongoing support to make your donut making journey a success. Our concept features a low startup cost with fixed royalties, and financing is available. Ongoing location support is also available through our network of commercial real estate partners. Join our journey and let's make the world sweeter, one donut at a time!

We were featured in the April 2022 Entrepreneur magazine as part of their 150 hot new franchises, ranking at #103:

Why Donut Industry?

  • DonutNV is an all-season concept that can be operated seasonally or year-round

  • Low franchise fee with a fixed royalty, paid weekly

  • We are a unique, interactive made-to-order mobile experience offering unique sweet treats


  • Someone who will be actively involved in the business operations on a daily basis. Although absentee ownership is available, prefer to award franchises to candidates who are interested in running their own business and ensuring their success

  • Has a passion for food and creativity

  • Enjoys being active, as travel to events and parties is a regular part of the business

Item 19 Earnings Claims

Data for One Trailer Gross Sales: $200,693

Adjusted Net Profit: $169,799 84.6%

NET MARGINS! This trailer operated at 102 events with $1,968 average revenue per event.

2022 Sales by Franchisees -

  1. Franchisee 1: $216,590

  2. Franchisee 2: $61,989

  3. Franchisee 3: $76,012

  4. Franchisee 4: $156,896

Franchise Fee:$59,500

Royalties: $125/week

Cash Investment: $100,000

Total Investment: $185,075

NetWorth: $250,000

Home Based: YES

Absentee ownership available: YES

Home Based: Yes

Absentee ownership available: Yes


Save $10k on this franchise!

Fastest Labs is the first and only drug, alcohol and DNA testing franchise in the United States that is non-medical and operates as a brick and mortar opportunity. Fastest Labs is already the number one fastest growing drug testing franchise in this industry, with over 70 physical franchise locations and thousands of drug tests conducted each year. We see clients within 5 minutes rather than a typical 1 hour wait at a medical facility. LabFusion, our proprietary drug testing technology, reads and immediately reports a client’s drug test results in a confidential portal (rather than 1-3 days) enabling Fastest Labs to be an industry disrupter. We offer a Clean, Fast, and Affordable testing experience with the professionalism and comfort of dealing with a nationally branded entity that is locally owned and operated. Low start-up costs, high margins, 9-5 banker’s hours, minimal staffing and square footage requirements, and thorough Franchisee training make a FastestLabs drug testing franchise extremely appealing.

Having started franchising in October 2010, Fastest Labs is now servicing over 70 markets in over 24 states. We are a franchise company built by Franchisees, for Franchisees. Our Founders, Dave and LeDona Clafin, have over 28 years of experience as franchise owners of two other service based franchise businesses. They understand what it is like to be a Franchisee from a startup owner operator to a Franchisor. This is a unique strength that few Franchisors have as a skill set.

Fastest Labs has a proven client acquisition system utilizing Zoom Info and Engage CRM. We provide customized proprietary incoming and outgoing sales guides developed in-house and also utilize Scorpion for digital marketing to acquire customers. We have relationships with national laboratories such as CRL, Quest, DNA Diagnostics, DNA Solutions, Alere and many more developed by the franchisor. This offers us group buying power that provides a lower cost of goods on high-quality testing kits, branded materials and lab related services necessary for this industry.


First & Only Non-Medical Drug, Alcohol & DNA Testing Franchise in the United States

No HIPPA requirements. No Medical Director. No medical liability.

Proprietary & Industry Disruptive Drug Testing Technology & FAST Processes.

B2B & B2C rapid services that drive recurring revenue and a positive customer experience.

Simple Business Model with Low Operating Cost . FAST Path to Profitability.

Small Real Estate Footprint. Minimal overhead. 1-2 Employees. M-F 9-5 banker’s hours.

World-Class Franchisor Systems, Lead Gen Program & National Vendor Partnerships.

Values-based, Franchisee-focused organization built by experienced Franchisees.

Rare ~$100K Brick & Mortar Investment & Scalable Earnings Opportunity.

Multi-unit, semi-absentee ownership unicorn. FAST breakeven timeline. High profit margins.

Item 19 Earnings Claims:

Single Unit Gross Revenue: $656,651

Single Unit Adjusted Earnings: $282,330 (43%)

33% YOY Systemwide Gross Revenue Growth 2021 - 2022

Average Weekly Tests: 207

Average Ticket: $57

Franchise Fee:$39,000

Royalties: .08%-5%

Cash Investment: $120,000

Total Investment: $120,000 - $421,000

NetWorth: $120,000

Why Fastest Labs:

Nights, Holidays & Weekends Off

Best-In-Class Training

Ongoing World-Class Support

Innovative Technology

High Gross Margins

No Need for Medical Training

No Sales Tax

Low Overhead

Small Office Space Footprint

Low Number of Employees (1-3)

Low-Cost PL & GL Insurance

Small 7% Franchise Royalty

Franchise Fee:$49,500

Royalties: 7%

Cash Investment: $100,000

Total Investment: $101,150 - $132,700

NetWorth: $200,000

SBA approved: Yes

Home Based: NO

Semi Absentee ownership available: YES


Save $10k on this franchise!

Club SciKidz is an educational and technology enrichment program for children ages 4 to 15 that utilizes interactive presentations of structured science-themed activities in a fun, nurturing environment. We are the leading premier STEM summer camp company. Our summer camps make up a very large percent of our revenue. We also offer other revenue streams in the non summer months. Our programs appeal to children who have a genuine interest in how things work; what things are made of and how science works in the real world.

Club SciKidz has been offering structured STEM-Based programs since 1997. We have evolved each year by adding new innovative curriculum for all of our many programs. We have a proven model of success. Our Club SciKidz team is committed to the future by offering high quality science themed enrichment throughout the United States.

WHY Club SciKidz?

  • Low start-up costs of only $60,000

  • Almost immediate break-even: Little Working Capital Needed

  • Operate from home - low overhead. Our programs are delivered at Churches, Schools, Community Centers, etc.

  • BOOMING STEM Industry

  • Franchises grow their businesses by adding more camp locations within their territory and adding more sessions at each camp. As a result, franchisees grow without added investment and overheads.

  • Most franchises start with camps in a few locations and then grow at a pace they are comfortable.

  • We offer extremely large exclusive territories with populations usually of around one million people.

  • We are looking for franchisees that are interested in building a prosperous business over time by adding more and more locations within their large territories.

Franchise Fee:$45,000

Royalties: 6.5%

Cash Investment: $70,000

Total Investment: $63,700 - $76,000

NetWorth: $100,000

SBA approved: No

Home Based: Yes

Absentee ownership available: Yes (Semi)


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