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"Discover the Ultimate Investor Model Franchise" 


That1 Painter 


Discover the reasons behind this franchise's nationwide success and explore why it could be the top "buy low" investment opportunity of the year! Find out more about this popular franchise and its potential for high returns. #franchise #investment #business

- Pilot office achieved $4,046,789 2021 gross revenue in 2021.

- San Marcos location did $719,731 In

the first 12 months.

- Only $35k liquid capital start up.

- Absentee ownership.

- 🔥 A top seller the past 9 months.🔥

- Easy to learn

- No previous experience required.

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Franchise Fee:$49,000
Royalties: 6%
Cash Investment: $35,000
Total Investment: $71,750 - $110,500
NetWorth: $75,000

SBA approved: Yes

Home Based: Yes

Absentee ownership available: Yes
Average number of employees required:  1

Founded: 2011
Franchised: 2021

Elevate your future with That 1 Painter, a legacy-building business! Founded in 2011 by CEO Steven Montgomery, we are the nation's fastest-growing painting franchise. With a focus on delivering happiness to customers and unmatched value to franchisees, we offer a vibrant and thriving opportunity for owner-operators and semi-absentee investors. 


At That 1 Painter, we handle marketing, social media, and SEO for our franchisees, along with our in-house appointment center. Our all-inclusive system allows franchisees to prioritize customer experience and networking in their city. Join our entrepreneurial community and benefit from top-notch coaching, support, and never feel alone. 


Choose That 1 Painter for a colorful and rewarding business venture. Contact us today!

Key of Our Painting Franchise:


1. Passionate Entrepreneurs: Experience an amazing culture with entrepreneurs who are truly passionate about what they do.


2. Fastest Growing in the Nation: We are the fastest growing painting franchise in the nation, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.


3. In-house Appointment Center: Enjoy the convenience of our in-house appointment center, providing seamless scheduling for your business.


4. In-house Marketing: Our dedicated in-house marketing team will work alongside you, boosting your online presence and attracting more customers.


5. Superior Post-launch Support: Rest assured that you'll never be alone after launching your franchise. Our team provides exceptional support to help you succeed.


Discover the incredible benefits of joining our painting franchise and take your business to new heights!

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